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July 13, 2007
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2nd Death Note flash here: [link]


Warning: this movie contains subtle hints of Shonen-ai/Yaoi (boy love). If you are offended or disgusted by this, please click your browser's 'Back' button while grumbling about the sad degeneration of today's youth (by the way, I completely agree with you - the kids have gone insane).

This is my first Flash movie...I don't know how that's important, but I thought it needed to be said.

Yeah. There.

I hesitate to call this 'Episode 1' as this cartoon left me emotionally and physically drained. I've got the confidence (and strength) of a recently-hatched chick right now. *EDIT* This last phrase is not necessarily true anymore. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of wonderful comments and support this deviation's received! Thank you everyone! I've already started work on the next one.*ENDEDIT*


I'll take this time to dedicate this ditty to the following artists, who have inspired it, and without whom it would not be here:


Don't just lazily run your eye over those icons, looking for a recognisable avatar (preferably your own)! These aren't my friends, but people who have created TONS of Death Note art, which is not only well made, but (intentionally, in most cases) HILARIOUS. My gallery hasn't got much going for it in the way of Death Note, but the above DO!

Oh yeah, and I think it only fair I credit the Tuxedo Team cosplayers for bringing Death Note to my attention:


Before I saw their Death Note photoshoots, I not only didn't know what Death Note was - I didn't watch anime at all. I've started watching tons of it now, and they're the original source of my new-found new love.

If I didn't mention someone, it's either because I forgot, or because I haven't seen their art yet. If you make DN art, please make yourself known (and remind me if I've forgotten you)!

Oh yeah, and also these great clubs:


Both of which have my permission to post this deviation.

This movie brings us to L's investigative headquarters as he and Light work to solve the Kira case. Whilst perching in his favourite chair, he spots Light acting very suspiciously while scribbling away manically in a notebook...

Oh yeah, and there is no sound. I could have asked my brother to do the voices, but then he would have seen this cartoon, and he thinks I'm enough of a weirdo without this, thankyouverymuch. *EDIT* I finally showed my brother the cartoon yesterday, and I experienced the rare joy of seeing someone watching my cartoon and laughing out loud. He loved it, so I guess I was worried for nothing. Future flashes will most likely have voices! *ENDEDIT*


You may see/vote for this on Newgrounds:


And check out Light's art here:

Picture 1 : The Hug : [link]
Picture 2 : The Grin : [link]
Picture 3 : The Neck : [link]
Picture 4 : Heh, doesn't exist. If anybody wants to draw what it was that L finally saw, I'd be glad to link to any deviations here (the more original and funnier, the better!)
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Someone make picture 4, i'm super curious whats there. [mapherez] Naughty Face Chat 
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this is a grate portret of our friendship
oh .... friendship

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hahaha!!! omg that was halarious!! i love how unkowing L was until the end
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i onlyship L with reader
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